Daily Turf Service

Turfgrass Moisture Management and Pest Detection

GreenSight's drone-enabled golf course service provides superintendents actionable information about the status of their course on a daily basis. No need to learn how to fly! We use automated drone technology to scan every inch of your course.  Our patent-pending camera provides industry-leading multispectral resolution to spot small pest and disease issues before they are visible.  We are the only company providing thermal mapping of moisture to help you dial in computer-controlled irrigation.  Our automated, Cloud-based processing and simple to use web portal provide you access to daily imagery from any device with no headaches. 

All Inclusive Subscription Service

GreenSight's Daily Turf Monitoring Service is available as an all-inclusive monthly subscription for the duration of your growing season. We provide:

  • Drone, charger, radio-relay
  • Radio and antenna installation
  • Telephone support
  • Warranty and free hardware upgrades
  • Automated image processing
  • Web-portal access on any device
  • Insurance and FAA compliance
GreenSight Hardware
Multiple Device Compatability

Your Entire Course At Your Fingertips

GreenSight's web accessible data portal means a birds eye view of your entire course is available at your fingertips anywhere. You can quickly step through history to see what is changing on the course or compare to last year, last month, or last week. 

Switch between analysis maps to identify health issues invisible to the naked eye.

New E.T. Maps - Manage Irrigation Like Never Before

GreenSight's new evapotranspiration maps allow you to see moisture and manage irrigation like never before. Our patented thermal camera allows us to take your turfs temperature with unmatched accuracy. Similar to your weather station our drone also records local weather data allowing us to build a picture of expected evapotranspiration. We process this weather and thermal camera data to build a map of estimated E.T. across your course. You can easily spot areas where turf is falling behind expected rates due to lack of moisture or identify areas with excess soil moisture where water is being wasted. 

Big Picture to Zoom

See The Big Picture, or Zoom In On The Details

Simple to use interface allows you to pan, zoom in and browse imagery intuitively. Enjoy pinch, drag, and tap functionality on mobile devices. 

Relative Plant Health Maps Highlight Trouble Before It's Too Late

GreenSight's GS-NDVI imagery uses near-infrared and visible imagery to exaggerate plant health issues. GreenSight calibrates this NDVI imagery specifically to your course. By using a true near-infrared camera to capture daily imagery we are able spot health degradation before the grass begins to wilt and discolor. 

GS-NDVI Turf Health Maps

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