GreenSight featured in Golf Course Industry Precision Turf Management Article

Golf Course Industry

Companies involved in PTM claim upfront costs will eventually be defrayed because of savings created by reducing inputs. Shaffer, for example, says an annual subscription to OnGolf is the equivalent to one spray application. Turflux and GreenSight Agronomics are among the other industry newcomers with PTM offerings. Turflux offers GPS-guided sprayer systems and GreenSight Agronomics provides superintendent course images through self-guided drones. Toro also is entering the PTM market with the release of its GPS-equipped Toro Multi Pro 5800 sprayer.

An increase in PTM-related ventures isn’t a coincidence.

“Superintendents accepted the data five years ago, but the difference is that people are willing to pay for it now,” says Winfield product manager Aaron Johnsen, whose company has unveiled its GeoTech Tool for satellite course mapping. Johnsen adds that the golf industry is in the “early-adopter stage” of PTM and estimates that less than 5 percent of superintendents are fully engaged in the practices.