GreenSight CEO James Peverill Advising The Golf Industry on Drones

GreenSight’s CEO James Peverill was recently interviewed by Boardroom Magazine to emphasize to the golf course management industry the importance of being compliant with FAA regulations and obtaining the correct insurance when operating drones on their property. Full article included below.

“Many folks are under the impression that if they aren’t selling drone services to someone – if they’re just messing around with a drone on a privately-owned golf course – the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t really care.
Well, that’s not the case”

“Your current club insurance policy surely covers your maintenance crew and the fact they operate mowers, climb in and out of bunkers, etc….drone operation is almost certainly not covered under your current club policy.”

“GreenSight clients need not worry about legal and liability issues surrounding drone usage because those responsibilities fall to us, the vendor.”