Ag Research

Data Acquisition for Agricultural Test Plots

GreenSight's drone Ag-trail service provides agricultural researchers a turn-key data gathering system capable of gathering a variety of plant health data. Using automated drone technology we scan every inch your test plots daily. We can capture details on plant condition data including volumetric yeild data, fungal coverage, wilt or rot metrics, temperature, transpiration, soil moisture.

Our baseline multispectral camera payload captures 5 times the data of a typical camera and enables us to gather significantly more information about health or treatment programs than traditional methods. Our thermal camera measures the detailed temperature differentials over every inch of the plots to derive transpiration rates and moisture utilization.

Our full-service offering is targeted at meeting the needs of each individual study or trial. We can fine tune our custom sensor, tailor analytics, and adjust survey frequency and flight path to ensure you see the data you require. GreenSight works with customers to integrate custom payloads and design data gathering programs to meet each individual test need. We can help you achieve trail goals with significantly reduced uncertainty and cost.

GreenSight's TrailSight service makes agricultural trails greener!

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