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We capture detailed plant health data, process it, and deliver you alerts and maps on specific threats and conditions
Automated Drone System

Small drone ‘lives’ next to your property in a 3’x3’ weatherproof container. Images entire property daily, automatically. Captures 5x the data of a typical camera.

Cloud-Based Analysis

Our software determines soil moisture, identifies damage due to pests/infections before it is visible. Maps severity of infections and effectiveness of treatments.

Email & Text Alerts

Receive alerts about turf and crop issues via text or email. View moisture maps of your property on any device. View reports on property condition before you deploy your team.

Application Specific

From divot counting to shade mapping for golf courses. Yield estimation to harvest alerts for farms. Custom metrics for researchers. The sky is the limit with our flexible platform.

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About GreenSight

GreenSight is developing the second generation of commercial drone platform. We combine autonomy, advanced sensors, and data analytics to deliver land managers actionable alerts enabling them to make large reductions in water, pesticide, and fertilizer usage.

We are already the leader in turf remote sensing. We can save golf courses over $1B annually by reducing their water consumption allowing them to save on the costs to buy and pump the 752B gallons of water they use each year. We can save them hundreds of millions more on fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizer.

Our system is also being adopted by top agricultural chemical companies to improve their data gathering during the $3B in field trials they perform to develop and certify new treatments. We help them reduce cost and uncertainty during testing through the gathering of detailed quantitative data on treatment effectiveness.

Our system can help you optimize water usage, pesticide, antifungal, and fertilizer treatments while maximize the performance of your turf or crop. We provide you with the information you need to make better decisions about your land.


Tailored to your specific needs
Golf Course


  • Moisture Maps and alerts
  • Shade Mapping
  • Fungal/pest alerts
  • Dashboard Integration
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  • Moisture Maps and Alerts
  • Nutrient Monitoring
  • Fungal/Pest Alerts
  • Crop Specific Analytics
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  • Daily, Quantitative Data
  • Areal coverage/Severity
  • Rot, Wilt Metrics
  • Change and Rate of Change
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The GreenSight core team has extensive background in development of integrated aerospace products including unmanned aerial vehicles(drones), rocket engines, and satellites. Each member of the team has over a decade of experience fielding these systems for customers including the Department of Defense and NASA. GreenSight is fully insured and has a 333 exemption for commercial drone operations from the FAA.
James Peverill
James has been developing small drone technology for 10 years. Initially focused on the military market, he took a small drone from whiteboard concept to deployment in Afghanistan in 24 months.
Joel Pedlikin
Joel began his career developing rocket engines and small spacecraft. After serving as VP and engineering and GM at 2 aerospace companies Joel decided to pursue entrepreneurship. GreenSight is his second services company.
Justin McClellan
Justin began his career in aerospace evaluating high altitude drone performance. Most recently he led development of a spacecraft cluster funded by DARPA and led product strategy and commercialization efforts for a respected defense contractor.
David Strickler
Dave is a full stack software entrepreneur who founded, grew and brought two companies to profitability, successfully selling the second to J2Global. An engineer at heart, he excels at SaaS solutions involving large data sets.
John Kaminski
Chief Agronomy Officer
John is GreenSight’s Chief Agronomy Officer. He is Director of the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program at Penn State and is an expert in turfgrass pathology.
Rob Knochenhauer
Flight Operations
Rob bring over 15 years of experience in design, testing, and operation of autonomous vehicles including ground robots, underwater vehicles, and aerial drones. He is a certified drone operator.


Scott Miller
Scott is the founder of Dragon Innovation, a company that helps hardware startups scale production by connecting them with trusted factories to build cost competitive, high quality products. He is also a partner in the Bolt, an incubator for hardware startups. Previously he was VP of Engineering for iRobot.
Wayne Crandall
Wayne is CEO of NoteSwift, an integrator of medical dictation technology with electronic health record. Previously he was President and now Board Director of enChoice, an enterprise content management solutions provider. He brings to the table deep knowledge in sales and marketing.
Alex Goldberg
Alex Goldberg is an entrepreneur and VC investor in B2B software start-ups. He has more than two decades of technical product management, business development and strategy experience from four high-growth, venture capital backed start-ups in Greater Boston. Alex is an active member of the New York Angels.
Oliver Mitchell
Oliver has been a leading technology entrepreneur and operator for over 20 years. As a partner at Mach 5 Ventures, he invests in early stage software, hardware, and robotic companies. Oliver is Chair of New York Angels’ Frontier Tech Committee that invests in early stage companies focused on autonomy, remote sensing, and drones. He authors a a popular robotics blog, called, RobotRabbi.com
Greg Nicoll
Greg Nicoll is Vice President Of Sales and Marketing for the Turf Division at Harrell’s LLC where he leads a team of 86 sales personnel. He is former Director of Grounds for Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster.


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